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18" Tape-In Pro Straight - Ombre 1B/Red

18" Tape-In Pro Straight - Ombre 1B/Red

10 wefts - 3.0 g/weft


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Product Description

Greet any season with sun-kissed ombre hair extensions. The smooth, color-rich gradation will add warmth and brightness to your look, with flattering tresses that set you apart as one of fashion’s finest.

Clip In Tape-In Hair Extensions utilize a newly patented, medical grade tape to bond hair extensions to the hair. Ideal for style and cost-conscious clients, these extensions offer numerous benefits, including:

Seamless: Clip In Tape-In Hair Extensions have a natural feel that looks and feels just like your own hair. Since the adhesive is clear, no one will see them, creating a seamlessly polished look.

Long Lasting: Tape-In extensions are just as permanent as I-Link and Kera-Link extensions and last just as long. On average, these extensions will last somewhere between 2 and 4 months, but with regular care and maintenance, can last much longer.

No Damage: Because the Tape-In installation process doesn’t require heat, beads, or tools, they’re a perfect damage-free alternative for concerned clients. The adhesive is irritant-free and medical grade, meaning the extensions will last.

Quick and Easy: Since the wefts are pre-taped and applied without tools or heat, Tape-In installation is a breeze, taking as little as 30 minutes. On-the-go clients love how quickly they can get in and out of the salon, and stylists love the stress-free installation process.

Price: Each package of Clip In Tape-In Hair Extensions contains more than 31 grams of hair, amounting to just over 3 grams per strand. This is twice the amount of hair the majority of our competitors offer, and even more than comes in the I-Link and Kera-Link styles. Cost-conscious clients love how much hair they get for the price.

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