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22" I-Link Pro Wavy #30 (Chestnut Auburn)

22" I-Link Pro Wavy #30 (Chestnut Auburn)

  • I-Link
  • Color: 30 (Chestnut Auburn)
  • Texture: Curly - will eventually become straight
  • Length: 22"
  • Qty: 20 - Strands (1 gram per strand)
  • 100% Pure Human Remy Hair

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Product Description

Clip In I-Link Pro Wavy Extensions are made of 100% human remy hair and attach to the natural hair via non-slip microbeads. Versatile and durable, I-Link extensions offer beautiful, flowing waves and other various benefits to clients, including:

Strand by Strand: Since extensions are installed onto individual strands via a bead, they allow for total movability and 360 degrees of natural movements. This is ideal for any hairstyle, whether it’s up or down, loaded with unlimited styling potential.

No Chemicals: Clients needn’t worry about any damage since I-Link Extensions install without heat, glues or chemicals.

Long Lasting: When regularly maintained, I-Link Extensions last between 3 and 6 months and can be reused 1 to 3 times. Regular maintenance coupled with quality hair care means these extensions will provide a lasting look.

Versatility: It’s hard to make mistakes when installing I-Link Extensions, even for beginning stylists. Since each extension can be easily repositioned during the installation process, it’s truly a no pressure situation, ideal for creating meticulous highlights throughout.

Price: Each package of I-Link Extensions include 20 strands of hair, each weighing 1 gram. All strands of hair are 100% Remy and have never been treated or processed beyond normal coloring and moisturizing treatment.

Wavy 101:

Maintaining wavy extensions is much different than maintaining straight extensions.

  • Wavy extensions require extra care in regards to brushing, shampooing, conditioning, etc.
  • Wavy extensions are like permed hair in that they relax over time.
  • Be careful when using heat on your wavy extensions. Heat will relax the waves faster and dry them out, causing them to lose their body and frizz up.
  • For more info on wavy hair care, click here.

    Wavy extensions have a loose body wave. If you’re looking for a tighter curl, click here

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