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22" Kera-Link Pro Wavy #10 (Medium Ash)

22" Kera-Link Pro Wavy #10 (Medium Ash)

20 strands - 1 g/strand

Loose wave fusion hair extensions by Clip In are 22" in length, made from 100% real human hair. Will eventually become straight.

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Product Description

Clip In Kera-Link extensions are fused with special, keratin bonds that create a long-lasting, natural hold. Classic and traditional, they offer numerous benefits to customers and stylists alike, including:

Strand by Strand: Since Clip In’s Kera-Link Hair Extensions bond to the hair in a strand by strand method, they lend 360 degrees of natural hair movement for all wearers. Ideal for any hairstyle, up or down, strand by strand extensions offer unlimited style potential.

Long Lasting: Clip In’s Kera-Link extensions last somewhere between 3 and 6 months and can be re-used 1 to 2 times when properly maintained. Simply remove the bonds and use rebonds to keep those long locks fresh.

Price: Each package of Kera-Link Hair Extensions include 20 strands of hair, each weighing one gram. Since each strand of hair is 100% remy and hasn’t been treated or processed beyond its coloring and moisturizing. This means top quality hair and the most competitive price.

No Slippage: Since Kera-Link bonds are fused to the natural hair, the risk of them falling out is virtually non-existent. This proves an ideal solution for those seeking a new hairdo but who want to skip the stress of a potential hair extension malfunction.

Natural: Unlike beaded and tape-in extension methods, the keratin bonds fuse directly to the strands of the client’s hair. This equals natural looking hair that clients will love.

Wavy 101:

Maintaining wavy extensions is much different than maintaining straight extensions.

  • Wavy extensions require extra care in regards to brushing, shampooing, conditioning, etc.
  • Wavy extensions are like permed hair in that they relax over time.
  • Be careful when using heat on your wavy extensions. Heat will relax the waves faster and dry them out, causing them to lose their body and frizz up.
  • For more info on wavy hair care, click here Wavy extensions have a loose body wave. If you’re looking for a tighter curl, click here

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