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7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy
Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions can be easy, but only if you know a thing or
two (or seven) beforepurchasing. Lucky for you, you've found our
list of the 7 most important things you need to know before
purchasing hair extensions. So read on and make sure you're
prepared to take your hair to the next step!
  1. Your extensions need to be 100% Human Remy hair. Don't settle
    for less! Remy hair means that all of the hair cuticles run in the
    same direction and won't tangle or mat, and 100% human hair is
    crucial for making sure your extensions feel natural and can be
    styled just like normal hair. All of Clip In's extensions are
    made of the high quality, 100% Human Remy hair you need to
    get a long lasting, natural look.
  2. The source of the hair is extremely important. Clip In
    has sourced its hair from the same manufacturer for many
    years and we can guarantee that it's always the
    highest quality hair on the market.
  3. You need to have options when it comes
    to installation, because certain types
    of hair work better with certain
    installation methods. Clip In
    offers four distinct methods for
    installation: I-Link, Kera-Link,
    Tape-In, and Clip-In.
  4. You also need to have options
    when it comes to color.
    Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect method and length only to learn that there's no good color match. Not only does Clip In offer over 40 colors (in natu-ral, funky, and ombre varieties), but we also have a Color Ring and Individual Color Swatches available to make sure you've found the right shade before purchasing your extensions.
  5. It's essential that you find a stylist that is well-versed in hair extensions—preferably one that is certified to install hair. Clip In offers a state of the art online education system taught by world-renowned stylist Ruben Martinez, and all stylists who complete the program are listed in our directory, so you can easily find one in your area who is certified to work with Clip In's extensions.
  6. You can never have enough education, and the more educational resources you have around you, the better you'll be able to care for your extensions. Clip In offers a FREE, comprehensive hair extension guide that explains everything from installation and maintenance to removal and reinstallation.
  7. Should you have questions, your hair extension company should always be prepared to answer them. At Clip In, our knowledgeable stylist representatives have experienced so many different hair situations, you'll be hard pressed finding something we can't answer. Contact us by phone or chat, Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm EST, or email us anytime with your question or query. We're always here to help.