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Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions offers the following methods for extension application.

I-Link Pro ("Beaded" Method)

The I-Link Pro method uses a non-slip microbead to attach a keratin-tip extension to the existing hair.  The tip looks much like the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace tip.  Professional stylists attach these extensions by using a lock tool and bead Loop Tool.  I-Link Pro is a non-chemical application and an ideal method for protecting the hair.  The hair is removed by simply unlocking the bead.  I-Link extensions are semi-permanent and last from 3-6 months depending upon quality of care.

Kera-Link Pro (Bonded "Fusion" Method)
The Kera-Link Pro method uses an open-ended keratin-tip to attach an extension to the existing hair.  Kera-Link tips look similar to a tiny cupped flower petal or fingernail.  The tip is placed into position and heated with an electric Melting Connector.  Using her fingers, a stylist forms the warm keratin around the existing hair until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds.  Kera-Link Pro uses a liquid bond removal agent to disconnect and remove the extensions.  These are semi-permanent extensions that last from 3-6 months depending upon quality of care.

Tape-In Pro
The Tape-In Pro method is the newest, innovative approach to applying hair extensions.  Tape-In hair is designed with two strips of adhesive pressed against the tip of the extension that attach the extension to the hair.  This may prove to be the least invasive and easiest extension to apply.  Tape-In extensions are less permanent than I-Link Pro and Kera-Link Pro extensions, but they are considerably durable and still require the professional artistic and technical talent of a stylist or hair specialist.  Tape-In hair extensions are quick to apply and easy to remove.

Clip-In Extensions (Human Remy clips or Heat-Friendly Synthetic clips)
Clip-In hair is applied using small plastic clips that are pre-attached to the hair extension.  Clip-In hair can be ordered in narrow Single Clip extensions or a Full Head assortment of wefts.  You may apply Clip-In hair with or without the help of a professional stylist.

Practice Hair (Beaded or Fusion Method)
Practice hair is available either for I-Link Pro or Kera-Link Pro application methods.  The hair is human, but made specifically for training purposes.  Strands are thinner, lower quality, and designed for mannequin practice and student training sessions.  Practice hair is not manufactured for re-sale or client use and is provided as a service to lower education costs.

Remy Care
Clip In Remy Care will help your hair extensions last longer and look healthy and beautiful. It’s the surest way to extend the life of your gorgeous extensions, keeping them soft and shiny.