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Clip In’s Tape-In method is a revolutionary system that uses a newly patented tape to bond hair extensions to hair. Made of 100% Remy human hair.

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    What Do You Get When You Cross Tape-In and I-Link?

    We’ve got a brand new professional extension method here at Clip In, and it’s something of a hybrid. Get to know our brand new Flat-Tip Extensions: half Tape-In, half I-Link.

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  • donna bella single strand pink tape-in hair extension
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    Simple Ways to Improve Your Tape-In Move-Ups

    We’ve got our eyes on you, Tape-In. In the last few weeks, Clip In has introduced a number of products designed to streamline the Tape-In move-up process, leaving stylists with more time and less mess on their hands than ever before.

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    When Is the Blue Bottle Okay For Tape?

    A commonly asked question regarding the removal of Clip In Tape-In hair extensions goes a little something like this, “Can I use the blue bottle remover to take the Tape-In wefts off?”

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    Tape In Hair Extensions Installing Tutorial

    Tape In Hair Extensions - http www humanhair-extensions.org humanhair-extensions.org s Tape In Hair is a revolutionary system that uses a newly patented type of tape to bond the hair extension to the hair Tape...

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    Clip In - How to Install Single Sided Tape

    In this video we show you the basics of how to install Clip In s Single Sided Tape-In Hair Extensions It s easy and this new technology makes it possible to install hair extensions on fine and ...

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    Ombre Tape-In Hair Extensions Makeover

    Watch the Master Educator and Stylist Ruben Martinez at work with Clip In Hair ombre Tape-In Hair Extensions You can get Ombre Tape-In Extensions here http www humanhair-extensions.org 18-tape-in...

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Clip In Tape-In Education

    Clip In Tape-In Replacement Tape
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    Did you know Tape-In Wefts can be reused?

    Clip In's Tape-In hair extension wefts come with the adhesive already attached. After the wefts have been in for several weeks, they need to be moved up and placed closer to the scalp. This is made possible by Clip In's Replacement Tape.

    The strips are pre-cut to fit Clip In's hair extensions. Simply remove the existing adhesive with our Tape-In Bond Remover, apply the new tape strips onto the wefts, then reapply the extension onto the head.

    Replacement Tape is made of 100% medical grade adhesive — perfect for all hair and scalp types.

    Each packet includes 48 pre-cut strips.


    Clip In Tape-In Starter Kit
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    Everything you need to get started on Tape-In Hair Extensions in one great kit!

    Tape-In Hair Extension Installation Starter Kit:

    • 1 pack of 18” 100% Practice Tape-In Hair
    • Tape-In Bond Remover
    • Replacement Tape
    • Hair Extension Tool
    • Hair Extension Color Ring
    • Quick Pick Hair Parter
    ONLY $134
    SHOP Tape-In Kit

    Clip In pink Tape-In Hair Extensions


    PACK (1 ½ “ wide)

    How many packs do I need?

    How long do they last?

    How do I install Tape-In?

    Follow our blog to learn the latest on Tape-In Hair Extensions. We have tons of hair extension care info at: http://www.humanhair-extensions.org/wordpress/

    How to Remove Tape-In Hair

    Clip In Tape-In Video

    Aftercare Tips for Tape-In Hair

    Clip In Tape-In Video
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