Sono by Clip In Sleeve
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  • Sono by Clip In Extension Sleeve
  • Pairs with Extension Hanger
  • Preserves and Protects Extensions
  • Made from Recyclable Materials


Keep extensions safe and long-lasting with our new Sono Sleeve.

Paired with the Sono Hanger, our Sono Sleeve is specially designed to preserve and protect your valuable hair extensions while not in use.

It is securely stitched with durable fabric and a transparent front featuring a safe and easy zipper.

Sono Sleeve is a reliable safeguard that allows your extensions to last longer than they would if left exposed.

The Sono Sleeve is also intended to be used for travel. Along with keeping your hair extensions safe and tangle-free, it helps shield them from bugs, dirt, spills, excess moisture, and any other unforeseen emergencies.