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The Luxe

A pair of elite, titanium-plated tools
designed especially for Flare Hair
Extension Beads.

Even though I had installed
a full head of beautiful I-Link
extensions, my best client was back
in my chair a week later.
She said she needed a change -
and she needed it now.
Whatever my client wants,
I deliver - no matter how quickly
her tastes change.
I whipped out my
Flare Tools
and went to work.
I had to take out
hair extension strands—fast.
After changing her hair color, I used the
Bead Crimper to install a new set of
I-Link extensions with Flare Beads. Each
bead was crimped shut with a single
squeeze, cutting my installation
time in half.
With the Bead Opener, I was able
to remove every hair extension
bead and before I knew it, I was
done removing the beads.
A full head of hair
extensions later, and
my hands felt as good
as her hair looked.
And if she wants red hair
next week, I'll be ready.