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Hair Extension Secrets

It can be easy to do a quick internet search and find out
some basic information on hair extensions, but a search
like that doesn't lead you to the most important hair
extension secrets that most companies don't want you
to know. Luckily, you've found us, and we've got all the
secrets here for you:
  1. Most hair extension companies claim that their
    extensions are made of 100% Human Remy hair,
    even when they're not. Unless the hair is remy
    (meaning that the cuticles are all running in the
    same direction), the extensions will be more
    prone to matting and tangling. And if the
    extensions are not made of 100% human
    hair they won't look as natural, or style as
    well, as extensions that are. Our extens-
    ions are always guaranteed to be 100%
    Human Remy hair. That is our standard.
  2. Most hair extension companies never
    disclose their sourcing practices with
    their customers; some don't even know
    where their own materials come from.
    At Clip In, we can always verify the
    quality of our extensions because we are
    well-acquainted with our trusted source,
    having been in business with them for
  3. Many hair extension companies
    offers a limited range of products
    that suit only a handful of customers.
    Certain hair type work better with
    certain installation methods, so a
    greater selection of multiple
    extension options is what is needed
    for quality hair extensions. Clip In offers I-Link(beaded), Kera-Link (fusion), Tape-in, and Clip-in extensions,so you can personalize your hair extension experience to suityour needs.
  4. Many hair extension companies offer only a small assortmentof hair colors, and then fail to supply their customers with themeans for testing these colors. We offer over 40 shades of natural,funky, and ombre colors, so you can be sure your hair color isrepresented. We even offer a full Color Ring alongside IndividualColor Swatches so you can ensure that you're getting theright shade before you buy a fullset of hair.
  5. Few hair extension companies provide adequate hairextension education to supplement their products,leaving customers to fend for themselves. We offer aone-of-a-kind online education course in all threeprofessional extension methods that we offer (I-Link,Kera-Link, and Tape-In) to help stylist become expertsin the art of installing hair extensions. All courses aretaught by world-renowed stylist and educatorRuben Martinez, so participants are genuinelylearning from best. Stylist who have been certifiedthrough this program go on to be listed on ourstylist directory, where clients can search for competent hair extension professionals who are well-versed in our products.
  6. Precious few hair extension companies deliver extensive instructive materials to their customers, even among those that offer education. At Clip In, we deliver a starter kit to every one of our customers enrolled in online education, and a welcome kit to every customer who completes their certification. In addition to our online education materials, we also provide a FREE hair guide to anyone interested in learning about all the hair extension basics, from installation and maintenance and reinstallation.
  7. Some companies may claim to know everything about extensions, but when it comes down to it, many of them just don't have the in-depth knowledge you need to truly be an expert. Clip In's team has been working in the industry for years and there's hardly a hair situation that we haven't experienced. We make ourselves available to you whenever you have questions, and we make it our business to dispense tips and advice. Contact us by phone, chat, or email, subscribe to our weekly email blasts, or visit our social media pages to see what others have to say about our work—no hype, no secrets, just quality hair and a whole lot of resources to go with it.