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Keep track of your Tape-In arrangement during reinstallations! Simply use these extension-safe Clip In T-Pins to attach your client’s Tape-In wefts on the Styrofoam Mannequin Head as you remove them—that way you’ll know exactly where to reinstall them.

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Product Description

Key Product Features:

  • T-Pins
  • Simplifies your Tape-In re-installations
  • Contains 100 extension-safe T-Pins
  • Pairs with Clip In Styrofoam Mannequin Head
  • Each pack includes 100 extension-safe T-Pins.

Never lose track of your extension arrangement again. Use these convenient and extension-safe T-Pins to tack your Tape-In extensions to the corresponding area of the Styrofoam head. The extensions will already be organized when it comes time to re-install!