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The Luxe

The Luxe

All-new design
Stainless Steel
1 Year Guarantee
Ergonomic Handle
Used for I-Link and Kera-Link methods

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Product Description

Clip In’s all-new hair extension tool is sleek, strong, and multi-functional. Its simple design may understate its multi-faceted capability, but it’s a tool fully equipped to handle any and all bead and fusion work with style, class, and change-on-a-dime versatility. The polished steel finish means it’s durable and ergonomic, and the unique double spring helps you, the stylist, work in comfort and ease.

Use the Luxe for Grooved and Silicone beads, as well as Flare beads. Additionally, the Luxe tool can handle fusion bond removal, with the addition of Keratin Bond Remover. Using Clip In hair extension accessories guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated safely. Our products are designed to work with Clip In hair and bonds; For premium results, we recommend only using our products and accessories together.

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