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The Luxe

Clip In's all-new hair extension
tools is sleek, strong, and multi-

It was one of those days.
Lots of appointments,
constantly changing
gears for different
extension requests...
and then the call came.
A 'HIGH PROFILE' customer
would be coming in for an
"emergency hair extension change up",
and needed a new,
fully formed "do"
in a few hours.
Normally I would have stressed
but I had my LUXE TOOL
and knew that whatever
came my way, I could handle it.
Putting in the new extensions was a breeze,
and I even caught the customer eyeing
the tool in my hand.
"It's the Luxe,"
I said, answering her unspoken
questions, "and it can handle most anything
to do with hair extensions."
she left the salon decked out in an ear to ear grin
and touchably fantastic new locks. I
felt a glow of self satisfaction that's been
with me since.
The Luxe is versatile, and it especially came in handy that day.