Protect your
client's investment

Your clients spent lots of money
on their hair. Help them protect
their investment against any
unforeseen mishap.

Add value to
your services

Offer a world class customer service
tool that appeals to all clients, regard-
less of their hair extension experience.

Get peace
of mind

You've put in the time to craft a flawless
new hair-do, but there's still no
telling what might happen once the
client leaves the salon. Rest assured
that your hard work will be protected.

Clip In Hair Insure is the first of its kind: complete and total coverage for your hair extensions.

Have you ever tried to dye your extensions, only to let them develop too long and turn pink? Maybe your client took a Caribbean cruise and turned her locks a dark shade of orange after a dip in a chlorinated pool? Maybe the extensions are shedding at an extreme rate? Not a problem. Hair Insure covers any significant and unforeseen hair mishap that affects the condition of the extensions. Note: Hair Insure will not cover any issue related to general wear and tear of the extensions (slippage for example).

We confidently stand behind all of our products, and while you can't always anticipate what life will throw at you, with Hair Insure neither you nor your hair will ever be caught off guard. In the event of any unforeseen hair disaster, we'll replace it and cover the necessary costs. Guaranteed.


  • 1

    Purchase Hair Insure at checkout. It’s easy! Check the box and pay just 15% of your hair extensions subtotal for 100% protection.

  • 2

    Print out the waiver form from your Hair Insure confirmation email.

  • 3

    Review this form with your client on the day of installation, have them complete it and then keep it in your files.

  • 4

    In the event that something disastrous happens to your clients hair, don’t worry! Simply visit the claims page on our website and submit your completed claim.

  • 5

    All claims will be processed in 24- 48 business hours. We’ll keep you in the loop along the way and notify you upon approval of your claim!

  • 6

    We’ll replace your hair within 30 days—no questions asked. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping on your replacement hair, and get it to you and your client as soon as possible.


How do I purchase Hair Insure?

You can receive Clip In Hair Insure coverage simply by placing a hair order on the Clip In website. Once you've selected your hair simply select the "Hair Insure" option to get complete coverage on your professional extensions and recalculate your total. Once the order has been placed and completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing additional details.

I've been doing hair extensions for years, why would I need Hair Insure?

We look at it as a tool to help you and your salon do more business, because it's an appealing option for first-time hair extension clients as well as for long-time clients. Bottom line: it protects their hair extensions from any drastic hair disaster and lends peace of mind to all involved.

I ordered some tools, chalk, and Clip-Ins on the Clip In website. How come I don't see an option for Hair Insure at checkout?

Hair Insure only covers Clip In professional hair extensions (I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In). It does not cover installation tools, beads, chalk, jewels, or any Do-It-Yourself extension methods, including practice or clip-in hair. If you don't have any Clip In professional hair extensions in your bag during the checkout process, you won't see the option for Hair Insure. Should you purchase a variety of products that include both professional hair and accessories, the hair insure price will be calculated exclusively from the price of the hair. In other words, let's say you spend a total of $200 on the website, but of this figure, only $100 was spent on hair and the rest was spent on accessories. You'll only pay $15 for insurance (15% of $100 = $15).

How can I help my clients take good care of their extensions so they will last a long time?

The best way to go about this is to turn each appointment, installation, maintenance, or removal, into a teaching opportunity. Whether they're brand new to hair extensions or they've been getting them for years, the old adage of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," works here. Here's the basic "take home" points every client should grasp:

Hair extensions require regular maintenance. Just as natural hair needs regular brushing, styling, and clarification, so too do hair extensions. Failure to keep up with maintenance will result in a rapid diminishing in their quality. Make sure that clients know how to brush their extensions, how often, and what to look for while they're doing it.

Only use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. You know this, but it always bears repeating. Sulfates will dry out extensions, weaken the bonds, and lead to tangling and matting. Make sure clients understand this and ONLY clarify their hair with sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Wear and tear will happen. You know what it looks like, but perhaps your clients don't. Make sure they know that just by being installed and worn, hair extensions will experience minor symptoms of wear and tear (like some shedding and dryness) that are completely normal. Here's a good opportunity to manage client expectations, and help them know what to look for if they feel they need any kind of follow up service.

Finally, if you need to brush up on any hair extension tips, don't hesitate to visit our page on the subject!

What is a waiver form and why do I need one?

A waiver form is a document that your client will sign before receiving any kind of installation service. Essentially, it goes over the various processes for maintaining hair extensions, how long they will last, and things to avoid to prevent damage to their extensions. When the client signs the waiver, they're acknowledging that they understand the hair extension process and are willing to perform the necessary maintenance to keep them in good shape. Furthermore, a waiver form protects you (the stylist) if anything should go wrong due to negligence or abuse of the extensions. As part of your consultation, we recommend using the waiver to guide your discussion of the aforementioned points, and to answer any further questions a client may have..

If I get replacement hair, do I have to pay shipping costs?

We will cover the cost of shipping. For orders within the continental United States we will cover the cost of FedEx ground shipping, or the equivalent, to the shipping address on the original order. For international orders, we will cover the cost of USPS International Economy shipping to the shipping address on the original order. Should you prefer another shipping method, you may upgrade. These upgrades are the responsibility of the customer. Note: Any duties and fees associated with the international shipping of your product must be paid prior to delivery.

How long does my Hair Insure coverage last?

Your hair will be covered for 30 days following the original purchase date, plus a 7 day grace period to give the hair time to get to you. While we keep a thorough record of these purchases and dates, we strongly encourage you to keep track of any confirmation emails you receive. This will help you stay on top of your coverage and eligibility.

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is easy and intuitive.
1. Visit the "Claims Page" on the Clip In website
2. Fill in the claim form completely. For some information, you may need to refer to the initial confirmation email we sent when you purchased Hair Insure.
3. You will be asked to upload and submit a picture of the damaged via the "upload a photo" field, a copy of the signed waiver form, and a brief description of the claim.
4. Submit your claim. Note: You will not be able to submit your claim form until every field has been completed.
5. Upon submitting your claim, you will receive an email confirming that your claim has been received and we will process it right away.
6. All claims will be reviewed and processed within 24 to 48 business hours. You will be notified, via email, upon the approval of your claim.

Do I really need to fill in every field on the claim form?

Yes, we ask that you fill in every single field on the form. Why? Because it's the best way we have to serve you and get new hair to you as quickly as possible. Here's the way we see it: if something goes drastically wrong with your extensions, we want to know as much as we possibly can to thoroughly diagnose the problem and (ideally) prevent it from happening again. This claim information will also be used to strengthen our education programs. Your feedback matters to us. We'll read it and log it, so the more thorough you are, the better we'll be able to help you.

On the claim page, it asks me for a photo of my damaged hair. Do I really need to submit one?

Yes, we do require that you submit a photo with your claim. Your photo needn't be anything too outlandish (a clear cellphone picture will suffice). Ultimately, what we'd like is anything we can use to accurately diagnose the problem.

I don't have a camera on my cellphone. How can I submit a photo?

However you'd like! Again, we're not asking for anything outlandish, just a quick snapshot of the hair to give us a good idea of the problem. We'll accept a photo from a digital camera, or even a scan of a developed photograph. There's a direct upload feature located directly on the claims page where you can simply upload your photo from your computer, and we'll receive it.

I accidentally ordered the wrong color of hair. Is there anything I can do?

We can accept returns and exchanges for unused, sellable hair. For more information on how returns and exchanges work, please visit the returns and exchanges page on our site.


We reserve the right to deny or exclude coverage to clients at any time.

Reasons for exclusion include, but are not limited to:

Abuse of Hair Insure submission
Falsification of waivers and claims
Any claim submitted lacking the appropriate waivers and information
Hair Insure covers damage to the extensions, whether it's through installation, normal maintenance, or removal. Hair Insure claims will not be accepted for any other issues related to the hair.

Claim submission times: Your claim will be processed in 24 to 48 business hours, but on rare occasions may take longer. You will be notified upon the approval of your claim.