Quality of Hair

At Clip In we do everything we can to ensure you receive the highest quality hair. It's important to us that each woman feels as remarkable as they are. From its humble beginnings to where we are today, Clip In hair extensions are based on remarkable women.

In a small village in India, a young Hindu woman sacrifices her hair to her god. She values what she has been taught and wants to offer one of her prized possessions in gratitude for her blessings. Her hair, beautiful and healthy, has never been processed with harsh chemicals. Her sacrifice will bring income to her community. But the hair's life is not yet complete. It will travel across the world to touch another woman's life.

The hair arrives in our manufacturing plant where it will touch more lives. Although these employees will never wear this hair, their time spent working with it is very important to them. It's because of this hair that they are employed and able to provide for their families.
While being manufactured, the hair goes through a special process to ensure it is ready to be worn as a hair extension.

First, the hair is inspected to ensure that it is 100% Remy hair. Remy means that the hair is cut in a way that all of the follicles are facing the same direction. When paired with live, human hair, the Remy hair doesn't tangle like hair with random follicle direction. This is one sign of quality.
After it is assured that the hair is Remy hair, the hair is then stripped of its color using an approach that protects the hair from harsh chemicals. The hair is then washed and dried in humid warming colors in preparation for its color treatment. The hair is dyed into its respective color and then infused with conditioners and moisturizers. This process ensures that the hair extensions never bleed or fade. After its special color treatment, the hair is then prepared for its next journey: to be shipped around the world. When the hair extensions are ready to be shipped to Clip In, there will be 39 different colors and 4 different styles of hair extensions.

Finally the hair arrives at Clip In where just as much care and concern goes into its packaging. We recognize that its journey is not over; the hair still has a final life to touch. We prepare the hair for its final destination, and with a little fanfare and a lot of precision, each hair extension is shipped to salons throughout the world.

The clients are a final testament to the quality of the hair extensions. Thousands of people have shared their love for Clip In hair extensions, many introducing friends and family to our amazing products. Our goal has always been to create remarkable products for remarkable women. We know that when women choose Clip In hair extensions, they are going to feel as remarkable as they are.