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Don't just think it—PINK IT! Thinking about a cause and doing something are two completely different things. So, this September and October, let’s do something about breast cancer by donating and promoting breast cancer awareness.

What We Can Do

During September and October, all of our pink hair will be 10% off to help you plan Breast Cancer Awareness Events in your salon! So choose an organization or cancer patient to sponsor as a salon and donate a portion of your Pink Strand sales. To boost your sale you could:

  Sell clip-in Pink Strands at your front desk.
  Install pink extensions and donate the 10% savings from your hair purchase.
  Donate a portion of what your client pays to have their Pink Strands installed.
  Encourage clients to donate an extra amount to the organization/patient your salon has chosen.
  Make or purchase some pink treats and have a bake sale!

About The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Our main goal is to bring awareness not just to those suffering from breast cancer, but to friends and family members as well. By building a more knowledgeable community we can each play a role in helping to save lives. Because the bottom line is, the quicker you find help for breast cancer, the better your chances of living a long and healthy life.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and for the women in your life is to become educated. Perform regular self-tests and, if you think you have a possible warning sign, get it looked at right away. The worst thing that you can do is wait! The earlier you can catch breast cancer, the earlier you can be treated, giving you the best chance of survival.

By joining together to spread hope, we become a more united people. Show your support by taking a stand today and doing something, even if the only thing you can do is share hope. For more information on how to perform a self-examination, or what signs to look for, visit www.cancer.org