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Clip In Pro Series

The Team

Baelee Reiter

Baelee has been a cosmetologist since 2009. She works full time behind the chair while managing a salon and traveling as an educator. She has found her love and specialty working with Clip In hair extensions. Her passion is education, spreading knowledge to everyone eager to learn about extensions. Baelee is ready to help boost your career to the next level by learning all methods of Clip In hair extensions!

Cheryl Cooper

Cheryl has worked behind the chair as a stylist since 2001. She’s been a successful salon owner for the past ten years, and has traveled the country working as an educator with Clip In for the past four. She loves sharing the passion she has for all four methods of professional extensions, helping all levels of stylists discover their gift and become successful on their own.

Jennifer Cresswell

Jennifer has had a passion for the beauty industry since she was a child. Over the past 10+ years, she has strived to gain as much knowledge as possible by taking classes throughout the east coast. Being an educator for Clip In, Jenn has committed herself to traveling the nation, sharing her knowledge and experience in installing beautiful hair extensions.

Jennifer Hoxworth

Jennifer has had a love for extensions and everything they bring to the client since beauty school. She quickly jumped on our education team and never looked back! As a salon owner and educator, she loves being able to share all she has learned over the years to help stylist grow their business with extended beauty for a flawless look.

Shea White

Since joining the Clip In education team in 2009, Shea has traveled all over North America, coaching stylists and sharing her extensive knowledge of hair extensions. Hailing from Jacksonville, FL, she is an award winning stylist with over 12 years of experience in the cosmetology field. Her work has been featured in ad campaigns and several films and music videos. Shea helps stylists understand that almost every client is a candidate for hair extensions—whether it be for fullness, length, or color without commitment. As a certified master colorist, she will teach you the ins and outs of creating the perfect color blend and flow.

Marissa Torella

Marissa has been an educator and stylist for Clip In Hair since 2012. She’s thrived in the industry for 17 years, spending 13 of those years as a hair extension specialist. She has worked to master the application of hair extensions to create beautiful natural, styles for her clientele. As an educator for Clip In, Marissa is excited to assist fellow stylists in developing their techniques to create amazing hair transformations!