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Hair Quality is our top priority because
we know that's what matters to you.

At Clip In, we strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality hair extensions on the market. Our hair comes from India, as a result of local women donating their hair to their local temples. Their hair is very healthy and has never been treated with harmful chemicals, ideal for making extensions that are second to none.

The hair arrives in our manufacturing plant and is processed to ensure it’s ready to be worn as a hair extension. First, the hair is examined to make sure it is, in fact, 100% Remy. Remy hair is cut so that all of the follicles are facing the same direction, so when it’s paired with live, human hair, it won’t tangle or mat. This is one way we make sure our hair is the highest quality. Then, using a process that protects the hair from harsh chemicals, it is stripped of its color. Once this is complete, it is dyed into its respective color and infused with moisturizers and conditioners to ensure the color doesn’t bleed or fade. After the strands have been dyed into their gorgeous colors, they are ready to be shipped to Clip In and carefully placed into their packaging.

Once we have our 39 different colors in 4 different styles, they’re ready for you, the client. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the highest quality extensions, and we always strive to maintain integrity and excellence throughout the entire process; from the initial acquisition to the day you have your extensions installed. We know that you, our client, are fabulous both inside and out, and we want to make sure our extensions are worthy of you.