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Short Natural White Feather Extensions - 2-6 Inches

Short Natural White Feather Extensions - 2-6 Inches

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Product Description

What's included in your hair feather package:

Each package of hair feathers contains four one-of-a-kind, short premium feathers.

Each feather is unique and therefore will vary slightly in size, color and shape. However, you can expect your hair feathers to beapproximately 2-6" in length.

Color: Natural White

Be on the cutting edge of the newest fashion trend!

If you want to take part in one of the hottest trends to hit hair fashion in the last several years, then you need not look any further. These unique feather extensions can help add exciting colors, texture and highlights to your hair.

Blends with your natural hair and lasts for months!

Clip In hair feathers are made from real feathers of farm-raised roosters meticulously hand-selected and sorted. They easily attach to the hair and last for up to four months! And don't worry, you can still wash, blow-dry, brush, straighten and curl your hair without damaging the feathers!

Installation is easy!

Installing feather extensions is quick and easy. Just pull a few strands of hair along with the feather extension through a micro-link bead. Crimp the bead with the bead tool and you're done. Pretty simple, huh?

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