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Hair Extension Care

Learn about common problems associated with hair extensions and the solutions to fix them.  Remember, when hair extensions are properly applied and the client is taking good care of the hair you should not experience these issues.  However, if you do, here is a list of simple and effective techniques.

Problem: My client is losing or has lost several hair extensions.
Solution: It is normal to lose up to 10% of their hair extensions through normal wear.  For example, if you had 100 strands placed in your head then you might expect to lose 10 or less strands.

If you are losing more than 10% of your hair extensions try the following:

  • Be sure that the amount of hair that was pulled through the bead is the same (in diameter) as the amount of hair on the extension.  This is especially important for people with fine or thin hair.
  • Crimp the beads once in the center, once on the right edge and once on the left edge.
  • Do not allow conditioner to get near the bead area.  This will cause slippage.  Instead, begin conditioning halfway down the strand in a downward motion.
  • Do not use shine sprays, silicones or serums near the beads. Like conditioner, begin below the bead and apply in a downward motion.
  • Always use a Clip In hair extension brush. 

Problem: Can I color the hair and if so, what type of product should I use?
Solution: Yes!  You can color the hair.  Because, Clip In hair extensions are 100% human hair they can be curled, colored and even permed.  However, professional stylists should only deposit color on to the hair as opposed to lifting color out of the hair.  It is also best to always color the hair before you apply the extensions.  That way you do not have to worry about the color dripping on to the bonds and damaging them.
Clip In highly recommends using only professional salon products.  See your local beauty supply for a brand that will work.  Examples are Redken, Pureology and Scruples.

Special Notes:

  • Donna Bella hair extensions should be placed approximately ¼ inch to ½ inch away from the scalp.  Always, clarify the hair before applying the hair extensions.  This way all chemicals and products have been washed out of the hair.
  • Hot appliances can be used with Clip In hair extensions. 
  • Donna Bella suggests perming only the dark colored hair.  Use caution and do so at your own risk.  As an alternative try our 100% human deep wave hair extensions.